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Future’s Big 10

The list below are what I consider the essentials of learning seduction. Whether you’re a beginner or confirmed lothario, lapses in the rules below are what tend to lead to lapses in your game. It’s hard to separate any of them from the list, although some of them (Rule #1, Rule #2, and Rule #9) are admittedly more vital than others for advanced guys. Rule #4 kind of goes out the window when you’re seasoned enough, and rule #6 loses value in the upper stages of game, too. Nonetheless, the bottom line is that these ten things WILL make your game amazing. If you do these things for a year while going out consistently, you will be shocked at your results. If you know enough to make the distinctions as to what rules obsolesce with experience, you can probably appreciate everything on this list.

  1. Have Fun!!
  2. You Are Going To Get Rejected
  3. Talk to Girls.
  4. Keep Talking, Even When It Gets Awkward.
  5. No Judgment.
  6. Break Your Wrist Taking Notes.
  7. Baby Steps.
  8. Don’t Ask Permission to Talk to Anyone.
  9. Everything I Say is Right, and Everything is Going According to Plan.
  10. Discover Boundaries; Don’t Determine Them Ahead of Time.

Happy hunting.


  • […] Yes I did. You look like you've got a good understanding of how this skill set is learned. As far as how I got out of it I can't really describe a specific way but I'd be happy to provide a few things that helped me out. 1. Realize this is just a skill set, and treat is as a fun hobby– Cold approach can be fun as hell, if you want it to be. It can also be full of hurt and rejection if you want it to be as well. Have a blast learning this stuff. If you suck in the beginning, you're eventually going to get good. Believe me, you'll fail a lot in the beginning, but it has no bearing on you as a person. 2. Show up– Simple advice that is ignored by so many. If you just keep showing up (going out every week and approaching ), it's only a matter of time before you'll improve. If you can make it through the initial pain period your progress will skyrocket. 3. This is all about reference experience– Like I said before, it's a really fucking sad life to live sitting on a computer and reading about others leading the life you want. When you go out and approach women, you're going to get reference experiences and eventually your brain will link up what works and what doesn't. This stuff is all about experience. Experience first, knowledge and mentors second (cf Braddock and Mr. M ). 4. Find like minded guys– It can be a bit nerve racking to learn this stuff around your friends. A lot of us hide from friends and family while we're working on our skills with women, and it's a difficult task to admit a deficiency in your love life– I have chode friends that haven't been laid in three years, so you think they'd be all about game! But when I tell them they just shrug it off! See if you can find wings and mentors in your area and start going out with those guys and approaching . Take a boot camp if you can afford it. Hell even a mini-seminar or something like an RSD free tour is going to at least help you find some other guys. 5. Stay positive– Reward yourself for the little things and don't beat yourself up. Don't set the bar too high and realize it's going to take patience to learn this stuff. Everyone wants a magic pill, but success with women is going to take time. Don't rush yourself. You're a young guy, and you've got your whole life ahead of you. Anyway, that's just a bunch of random crap I threw together that helped me. I think the following link is actually a great starting point for getting your mind right and accepting the best way to learn this stuff, and Future does it a billion times better than I could. […]

    A few years later


  • […] open and after getting 3 or 4 sets in I was feeling good and in state. Future's 10 rules of pickup really resonated with me and I was able to see that if I'm not having fun that is MY fault and I […]

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